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Entry Requirements

  1. Students are completed Diploma In Patisserie Or Diploma In Culinary Arts.

  2. Minimum 17 years of age by the time the course commences.


School Fee RM10,000 Including :

Imported Text Book, City & Guilds Log Book, Teaching Materials, Internal and City & Guilds Exam Fees (Theory).

学费RM10,000 包括-
进口课本, City & Guilds 记录簿, City & Guilds英国高级专业文凭考试费(理论)

Syllabus for – Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking


Theory: 理论:

  • Food Safety & Supervision  食品安全运作与监管

  • Staff Organization In the Kitchen & Ancillary Areas 员工组织与监管

  • Product Development And Presentation 作品制作与呈现

  • Cultural Dimensions Of Food 食品文化

  • Costing, Budgets And Control 成本统计与控制

  • Materials Management 原料管理

  • Production Systems, Planning And Organization  生产系统与规划

  • Quality Assurance 品质保证与服务

  • Operation Management 运作管理

  • Training And Team Management 训练与团队管理