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Diploma In Patisserie- 12  + 4 months Internship (Total 16 Months)

烘焙专业文凭课程 – 12 个月 + 4 个月 实习 (总共16个月)

Free 1  Paris Chef’s Master Class course worth USD1000

免费 一个法国巴黎名烘焙师傅课程- 价值 USD1000

Entry Requirements

  1. PMR, SPM, UEC, STPM, A Levels or equivalent.
  2. Minimum 16 years of age by the time the course commences.
  3. No credit or relevant experience required.

Ecole Quality Assurance

  1. Quality learning – Maximum 26 students
  2. Language used – English, Chinese
  3. Very Experienced and talented Chef Instructors
  4. French, Western, Continental, Oriental and Asian Products
  5. Cozy, Clean, High Quality and Friendly Learning Environment
  6. Plenty of hand-on practice lesson with all ingredients included
  7. Nearby major highways and amenities within walking distant
  8. Nearby MRT Station with FREE shuttle van service from Surian MRT Station (The Curve Station)
  9. Hostel with Air-Con, Water Heater, Wifi facilities, swimming pool, gym and etc.
  10. Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Trip arrangement
  11. Payment by installment and KOJADI Loan available. Come Talk to us
  12. Internship at major hotels, Cake Shop, Cafe and in Singapore

Ecole 艺高烘焙与烹饪学院 品资保证

  • 高素质的学习- 每班最多26个学生,2人一组
  • 教学语言 – 英语、华语
  • 敬业、多才多艺、经验丰富的导师
  • 本地和国际产品
  • 优雅,时尚,高水准和友善的学习环境
  • 大量的实践经验
  • 毗邻主要高速公路和设施
  • 附近有MRT 站,(Surian MRT) 免费接送服务
  • 备有住宿安排服务
  • 毕业典礼 , 毕业旅行
  • 可选择分期付款或 KOJADI  贷款服务
  • 在各大酒店,餐厅或新加坡实习

 School Fee Including (School Fee can be downloaded)

All Ingredients, Internal and City & Guilds Exam Fees (Practical & Theory),Imported Text Book, City & Guilds Log Book, Teaching Materials, 2 Set of Uniform, Hats & Aprons, 1 Pair of  Safety Shoe, 1 T-Shirt , Utensil Kit, PA Insurance, GST


所有材料,学校 和 City & Guilds英国烹饪专业文凭考试费(实践与理论), 进口课本,City & Guilds 记录簿,课程教材,两套厨师制服+厨师帽+围裙,安全鞋一双,1 件学校 T-Shirt ,厨房工具, 个人意外保险一年, GST

Contact Us
Tel: 012-3086362

Course Objectives

Our aim is to provide a solid theoretical foundation to students which includes food science & nutrition, selection of ingredients, terminology, food hygiene and kitchen safety where students will have a better understanding of the fundamentals of baking.



Syllabus for Diploma in Patisserie (City & Guilds)


  • Health Safety & Security procedures 健康安全与保安程序
  • Kitchen Hygiene procedures 厨房卫生程序
  • Organize and prepare food 食品组织与准备
  • Clean and maintain kitchen 厨房清洁与保养
  • Food Safety, HACCP system and Sanitation 食品安全、HACCP系统与卫生
  • Bakeshop math and costing 烘焙坊数学与成本统计
  • Equipments and Ingredients 设备与材料
  • Baking Principles and Science 烘焙原则与科学
  • Prepare and produce Fruit Based Products 准备与制作水果类产品
  • Prepare and produce Sponge Cake 准备与制作海绵蛋糕
  • Prepare and produce Chocolate Based Cake 准备与制作巧克力类蛋糕
  • Prepare and produce Choux products 准备与制作泡芙产品
  • Prepare and produce Puff Pastry, Danish & Croissant 准备与制作酥皮、丹麦包与牛角包
  • Prepare and produce Fermented Products (Taiwanese Bread I) 准备与制作发酵制品(台式面包I)
  • Prepare and produce Pies & Tarts 准备与制作派与挞
  • Prepare basic saurces and creams 准备基本酱料与奶油馅
  • Prepare and produce local desserts 准备与制作当地甜点
  • Chocolate work I 巧克力制品 I
  • Biscuits and Cookies 饼干与曲奇
  • Implement food safety and hygiene 执行食品安全与卫生
  • Prepare and produce meringue based products and desserts 准备与制作蛋白糖霜类产品与甜点
  • Prepare custard based pudding and desserts 准备卡士达酱类布丁与甜点
  • Prepare and produce gelatine set products 准备与制作利用吉利丁定型的产品
  • Prepare and produce cakes Gateaux and Tortes 准备与制作蛋糕、法式、德式奶油蛋糕
  • Prepare and produce cold and hot desserts 准备与制作冷、热甜点
  • Prepare and produce frozen desserts 准备与制作冷冻甜点
  • Prepare and produce french pastries and petit fours 准备与制作法式糕点和小甜点
  • Prepare and produce fermented products (Artisan Bread) 准备与制作发酵制品(手工面包)
  • Prepare and produce Fermented Products (Taiwanese Bread II) 准备与制作发酵制品(台式面包II)
  • Decorative work for cakes, tortes and gateaux 蛋糕、德式奶油蛋糕与法式奶油蛋糕的装饰
  • Chocolate work II 巧克力制品II
  • Portfolio Preparation 作品集的准备与制作

Advanced Skill 

  • Plated Dessert  甜品摆盘
  • Wedding Cake 婚礼蛋糕
  • Petit Fours 花式小蛋糕
  • Sugar Work (Sculpture and Pull Sugar) 手工拉糖,拉糖摆设
  • Chocolate Sculpture 巧克力模型
  • Individual Cake 小型蛋糕
  • Cake & Gateaux 蛋糕,奶油蛋糕
  • Artisan Bread 传统法式面包
  • Marzipan 杏仁软糖摆设
  • Pastillage 手工糖艺术摆设