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Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts

In this course we teach various culinary expertise as well as food selection and preparations.


Advanced Diploma in Patisserie

We transform your passion of cooking into a professional skill, leading to a career path in the food and beverage industry.


Double Advanced Diploma in Culinary & Pastry

Further your studies and skills with our Advance programme and we will guide you to the in depth skills of being a chef.


Weekend Short Course

Join our programme on lectures and demonstrations, on a part time basis, short and temporary, and on weekend time.


  • 十六岁以上
  • 80% 实践与20%理论
  • 150-200样产品
  • 20个学生一班
  • 不需要中学成绩和Credit
  • 国际水准的产品
  • 多个国际文凭
  • 实际工作环境
  • 安排工业实习
  • 安排工作
  • 安排宿舍
  • 安排贷款
  • 安排交通
  • 16 year old and above
  • 80% Practical & 20% Theory
  • 150-200 type of Products
  • 20 Students in One Class
  • No SPM / UEC Credit required
  • International Standard Products
  • Multiple International Certification
  • Actual working environment
  • Internship Arrangement
  • JOB placement
  • Hostel Arrangement
  • KOJADI Loan Arrangement
  • Transport Arrangement