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Ecole  (School Of Pastry & Culinary Arts)

ECOLE – (SCHOOL OF PASTRY & CULINARY ARTS) is a “CHEF TRAINING ACADEMY” that committed in producing professional, fine quality Chef in the pastry and culinary career.

ECOLE was founded by Chef Kenny and Chef Andrew. Chef Kenny was trained in Singapore, Ecole Lenorte, Paris and Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil, Paris. While Chef Andrew was trained under Chef Kenny and Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM) with a strong management background. They also founded the Choffles Cake Studio that produced marvelous birthday cakes for our nation’s former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir and Tun Abdullah Badawi during their term.

In the corporate world, they have crafted cakes for Public Bank Tan Sri Teh and YTL Group Chairman Tan Sri Yeoh. Both Chef are excellent for their craft and drive for excellence.

ECOLE is a CITY & GUILDS (C & G) INTERNATIONAL, LONDON approved center offering Diploma in Patisserie, Diploma in Culinary Arts and Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking and Certificate in Barista .

ECOLE’s goal is to provide students with a solid theoretical and practical foundation in baking and culinary practices. This includes selection of ingredients, proper mixing and baking techniques, careful makeup and assembly, skilled and imaginative decoration and presentation. Our team is made of talented and committed individuals who bring not only technical skills to the mix, but passion for excellence.

Ecole has been bringing students to further their knowledge and experience Paris, France. Students are able to get in touch with latest development in the pastry and culinary industry. In Paris, student will be able to learn from many award winning French Master Chefs first hand.

Ecole also invite international renown Master Chef like MOF Jean-Michel Perruchon, Director of Bellouet Conseil and also Master Chef Franck Colombie Chef Instructor of Bellouet Conseil to Conduct short courses at  Ecole for year 2017. It is indeed a privilege to have them come to Ecole as Guest Instructor.

ECOLE’s Quality Assurance

  1. 16个月的课程 – 16 Months Course

  2. 16岁以上 – 16 Years Old and above

  3. 無需中学成绩和Credit – NO SPM/UEC Credit required

  4. 80%实践与20% 理论 – 80% Practical with 20% Theory

  5. 包括飲料,咖啡,調酒課程 – Include Barista, Cocktails and Mocktails

  6. 20个学生一班 – Maximum 20 students per class

  7. 中文和英文教学 – Lecturing in English and Chinese

  8. 英国国际技术文凭 – U.K. International Diplomas

  9. 安排住宿 – Hostel Arrangement

  10. 毕业典礼 – Annual Graduation Ceremony

  11. 安排工业实习 – Internship arrangement

  12. 靠近Mutiara Damansara MRT 站 – Nearby Mutiara Damansara MRT Station

  13. 学费可分期付款或帮忙安排贷款 – Instalment Plan or Kojadi Study Loans Available

Ecole  (School Of Pastry & Culinary Arts)



為了培訓專業的烘焙師与厨师.并藉以提升烘焙与餐饮业領域的水準.經營蛋糕西餅店多年的林忠杰師傅成立了ECOLE 專業的烘焙与烹饪學院。

ECOLE 艺高烘焙与烹饪學院。我们的烘焙课程主要以法式与英式餐點为主而烹饪课程则以西式,中式和亚洲美食为主。其课程主要備有烘焙与烹饪專業文憑、高級文憑及短期课程。

而且文憑備受英國 CITY & GUILDS INTERNATIONAL, LONDON 認證。除了課堂上的理論外和實際練習外, 老师也给予空间让学生发挥他们的创意,以充分運用在實際練習上。

曾到法國数次習藝的林忠杰師傅指出,烘焙与烹饪不但講究傳統,也要求色香味俱全。烘焙与烹饪制作講究的是一門手藝,要成為出色專業的烘焙師与厨師,就要不斷練習并動手 嘗試創新。

為了讓學生更專注并充分吸收課堂知識,ECOLE 艺高烘焙与烹饪學院的教學以小班制進行,而且每兩人組成一組,互相學習。