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TAN JIA QIU SG PETANI 19 years old, Lavender Bakery, Kota Damansara



在这里要感谢Chef Zita,她是在我们刚开始,无知和懵懂的时候,教会我们基本的烘焙知识。每当我们需要帮忙的时候,她总是很悉心和苦口婆心地教导我们,希望我们未来到社会工作会好过些。

再来要感谢的就是我们的院长Chef Kenny。他总是希望我们能做到最好,所以凡事也特别严厉,很感谢你,在你给我们的每一种挑战和机遇中,我们懂得了学习, 懂得了成长,懂得了奋斗和拼搏,是你为我架起了走向成熟的桥梁。


TESTIMONIAL 2 – Le Bread Days


I am Kathy Ang, the Founder of Le Bread Days Café & Bakery at SS2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Firstly, I would like to thank Chef Kenny & Chef Andrew for contributing to my present success of Le Bread Days.

The journey started in Year 2012, where I decided to venture into the world of pastries. I have a passion for food including pastries. I enrolled myself to Ecole De Patisserie at Damansara Perdana.

My Chefs Kenny and Andrew, whom both have guided and helped me to develop a RIGHT ATTITUDE and COMMITMENT for my career for the industry. They are very helpful and always spend time to listen and teach. Even I had graduated, I kept going back to seek advice on my products development, vendors recommendation and even asking for help in looking for kitchen chefs / helpers. They always have time for me and I’m grateful for that.

My advice to all students: Always listen and learn from your Chefs instructor. They are full of industrial experience and connections.

After graduation, getting a job is not an easy task for a inexperienced girl like me as many bakeries preferred experienced and tougher guy than female. But with the RIGHT ATTITUDE, that doesn’t hinder me to pursue my dreams. I work hard and gain much experience within 1 year.

The BIRTH of Le Bread Days

After 1 year, I decided that I am ready to venture into my dream The Bakery. Armed with Right Attitude, I seek advice from my Chefs Kenny and Andrew and business friends whom have experiences in running business and cafes.

Here are some hints of starting up a new business.

1.      Setting up the objectives: Concept of shop, product range and branding

2.      Planning is the key success. Must have a proper planning for every details of business

For example, business strategy and objectives, location, market survey, budgeting, supplier, equipments, inventory control, pricing, promotion, product development and menu, staffing, competitors, marketing strategy and etc.

Starting a business is indeed not an easy task BUT nothing is impossible. Just remember to learn from the RIGHT SOURCE and WORK HARD. I indeed have a lot of challenges, ups and downs but I don’t give up.

FUTURE of Le Bread Days
My shop has entered into the third year and to-date I am proud of the Croissant products from my own recipes like Molten Croissant and Fruit of King are some of our best seller.

For product development, I travel to other countries to look for new ideas and continuously try new recipes. Le Bread Days will continue to keep and maintain high standards of quality and explore new products.

Just google Le Bread Days, and feel free to drop a line to us and welcome to Le Bread Days.